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Are Classes Suitable for Beginners?

YES!!  All classes are designed first and foremost for beginners.  More advanced participants can easily be given more challenging tasks as required, but Team Di is about providing fun, interactive classes with a strong beginner focus. 

You will be required to sign a waiver before your first class which gives you the opportunity to voice your concerns, or can email us at to discuss your situation if you prefer.

Cancellation Policy?

There is a 12 hour cancellation policy on all class places, meaning you can cancel up to 12 hours before.  This can be done via your account details in the top right of the website or top left of the app. 

No-shows to class means the session is forfeited, however notifications before class in case of emergency will always be considered.

In the case of instructor-cancelled classes (such as bad weather) your session will automatically be returned to you.

Expiry dates are monitored periodically, if you are close to expiry date with prepaid sessions remaining we will attempt to contact you and try and help you book them before they expire.


Why are the 8 Packs of Classes Priced Differently?

Each pack of 8 Face to Face classes has a DIFFERENT EXPIRY DATE.

- A STANDARD pack is $100 for 8 classes ($12.50 per class).  Classes expire after 10 weeks from the purchase date.

- A REWARD pack is $90 for 8 classes. This is a discounted rate for those who are attending 2 or more classes per week.  Classes expire after 4 weeks from the purchase date.

- A FLEXI pack is $110 for 8 classes. This offers more flexibility as classes expire after 14 weeks from the purchase date.

(+ cc fee if applicable)

- A VIP pack is $70 for 8 classes. This is the best deal for high-users, or those combining online with face to face classes.  Sessions expire after 2 weeks from the purchase date.

(+ cc fee if applicable)

What if the Class is Fully Booked?

Venue Information?

Classes are held at Newington Public School, Wentworth Point Public School, Rivers Edge Church (Holker St), Grappling Bros Rydalmere and in the park behind Newington Public - off Louise Sauvage Pathway.

** In WET WEATHER or EXTREME HEAT the OUTDOOR CLASSES in the park may be cancelled.  An undercover back-up venue is available for some of these classes.  Those booked in will be notified of any changes.  School venues are NOT affected by wet weather.

What Equipment do I Need?

Bring a towel, water bottle and a sense of humour helps!

For outdoor classes you may also want to bring sunscreen, aerogard and a hat.

ALL OTHER EQUIPMENT IS PROVIDED, however you may want to bring your own YOGA MAT, and if you have them dumbbells, boxing gloves/pads, booty bands, Ripstix (for POUND).  If you are unsure about what is required for your particular class just send a message.

Freezes and Extensions?

There will always be a WAITING LIST on fully booked classes.  Please join the waiting list, if a place becomes available it will be offered to you first. 

**EVERY ATTEMPT will be made to find additional space for those on the waiting list to ensure nobody misses out, however due to space and equipment limitations it is advisable to book early.

If you join a waiting list and do not get to participate, you will NOT be charged.

Class pack options allow a lot of flexibility, so please choose an appropriate pack carefully according to your training schedule.  

In the case of unforeseen circumstances, such as extended illness, Covid isolation etc, packs can be extended for up to 14 days at the discretion of Team Di.

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